Growth Plan Student Ambassadors Program


A community of skilled undergraduates

In our quest for increasing the number of employable graduates, we designed and launched the Student Ambassadors Program to recruit and train undergraduates on essential skills needed for them to land their desired jobs and internships while studying and after graduation.

The increase in automation and artificial intelligence will continue to transform how we work as millions navigate the job market. 
We are however hopeful: young people in school are now opportune to get skilled-up and gain ample work experiences before they even graduate so they can land more of the competitive job vacancies that exist. 

As we continue to experience changes in ways we work, The Growth Plan Ambassadors Program continues to create abundant opportunities for the upcoming potential employees to achieve economic prosperity. It is no news that the existing “good jobs” require more than acquired certificates no matter what level because the jobs are the types which require individual to thrive while positioning them for even greater rewards. Our knowledge about this is what spurred us into action in creating a platform where young people are equipped and empowered to access them. 

The program, which runs on yearly basis is designed to attract students who are currently enrolled in tertiary institutions in their second, third or final year.


Meet Our Ambassadors

Growth Plan is a wonderful community to engage and impact. The team members are smart, kind, and supportive. The Ambassador Program is well organized and efficient. But what keeps me coming back are the wonderful ambassadors I get to teach and learn from every time. They are in the right hands.

Emmanuel Faith

Impact Trainer - Growth Plan

Help us Strengthen the community

We often engage industry experts in mentoring and training our ambassadors and other beneficiaries on key identified skills needed to exceed expectations in the workplace. You can join us to make impact by volunteering to teach or mentor.

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