Whether you are a fresh graduate, or you just finished NYSC
or you are senior-level manager we have tailored services
that are sure to project your career for desired success.
We provide Career Coaching, CV/Cover Letter Review and Writing,
and Linkedin Optimization among other services.

Achieve Your Career Growth in 4 Steps

We work in partnership with every client and this is much effective through
the process we have designed to ensure custom-made solutions
for our wide range of clients.


Start and complete an assessment with your career coach with whom you will decide the best career growth plan to choose.


The second step involves you setting goals that will help you to quickly achieve your career growth. Do not worry, your career coach will be with you all the way to ensure all are achieved.


All our clients are offered different career growth plans that are well tailored to fit their set goals and projections.


You can now start your Growth Plan Journey, which your career coach will walk you through.

Our Services


No matter how many qualifications you have be it in form of skills, experience or certificates, if your CV is poorly crafted then you stand no chance of getting the attention of your prospective employer. Ever wondered why you never went past the CV submission stage? Growth Plan has a team of qualified CV writers with 100 percent success rate. We will rewrite your CV and boost your self esteem for you to ace your interview because you will surely get called for one when we rewrite your CV.


Whether you are still in college or you are an entry level staff or mid-level manager, you need to be seen and the best place to be seen by those who matter especially when it comes to advancing your career is LinkedIn. You want prospective employers to see you and even form invaluable relationship with networks you normally wont be able to relate with physically since you do not have a common ground with them. Linkedin Optimization is one of our specialties and we always ensure you get seen by those who matter.



Have you ever found yourself at a crossroad where you were not sure of your next step with your career? You are too skilled that you get easily confused about which career path you should follow or you are not skilled and are not sure about what you should be focused on. Do not worry, our trained life coaches will walk you through every single step from discovering yourself to discovering your purpose and the career path you should be on.



We work with both governmental and non-governmental organisations, corporate bodies and schools in designing career development training and programs for their staff, students and target audience or beneficiaries. We work with our clients to develop and improve individual’s career competencies.  We believe in a simple and practical approach to career development: drive internal mobility and self-directed career development. We help improve companies benefits by providing employees with visible career development opportunities and mobility within the organization. 

Some of our clients and partners

We work with Individuals Corporate Bodies, Non-governmental Organisations, Schools and Government Agencies

Babcock University


Hi5 Creatives

Recruitment and Training



Furst Spark

Recruitment and Training


Recruitment and Training




What some of our partners and clients say about us

"Growth Plan is the most reliable company we've ever contracted to empower our girls at Hi5 Creatives with career skills. The girls are doing awesomely well in their various career fields now , thanks to the facilitators at Growth Plan.

Elizabeth Joshua
Executive Director, Hi5 Creatives

"A wealth of us are entering into the labour market and your presentation was very useful for our development. I believe everyone who attended benefited immediately from your talk. Your enthusiasm is contagious, thank you!

Department of History

"Our recruitment and general organisational structure have improved since we got into partnership with Growth Plan, they offered us the best service.


Iyanuoluwa Samuel

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