To ensure sustainability in our programs, we carry out mentorship programs where young people who have successfully discovered self, purpose and career-paths during any of our sessions are connected to leading experts in their choice career fields to ensure they stay on track and attain their developmental goals.


Growth Plan services

Hiring managers look for a combination of education, practical experience, and cultural fit when hiring, so once you know your ultimate goal, you can do your homework on what it takes to be considered a prime candidate. From there, it’s a matter of setting and meeting your SMART goals. We facilitate sessions on career goals guide by showing our target audience how to set and achieve their short and long-term career goals.


As a social enterprise that cares about the sustainable development of our community we carry out free soft skills empowerment programs in both secondary schools and tertiary institutions. Our seminars cut across CV and Cover Letter writing training, Career Path counselling sessions and Employability Skills Training.


At our GROWTH Meetups, we offer you opportunities to learn something new about career and personal development, network with new people, connect with future business partners, investors and prospective employers. It is also possible for you to get new and juicy job offers or even contract opportunities, and what’s more? You get free food and swag.